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Shore dives of Victoria

Bass Strait is a 200 kilometres (124 miles) "funnel" for the great Southern Ocean as it surges through between Victoria and Tasmania to join the Pacific Ocean to the east. Along the Victorian coastline of Bass Strait, scuba divers can choose from more than 120 shore dives, giving an outstanding variety of experiences:

  • capes and headlands
  • major bays
  • dozens of offshore reefs (limestone, sandstone and basalt)
  • a great variety of temperate marine life (including abalone and crays)
  • easily accessible jetties and piers
  • shipwrecks and hulks
  • sea caves, blowholes, some tricky drifts
  • many safe night dives and introductory day sites for newly qualified divers to enjoy developing their dive skills

There is much to learn and enjoy as you shore dive Victoria's coastline.

See Melbourne Shore Dives for an up-to-date list of shore dive locations, with maps and descriptions, near Melbourne.

Shore Dives of Victoria by Ian Lewis
Shore Dives of Victoria
© Ian Lewis

The best reference book on these shore dives is:
"Shore Dives of Victoria"
Author: Ian Lewis
Published: 2008 by Oceans Enterprises
ISBN: 9780958665780

This book is a comprehensive guide to over 120 scuba diving and snorkelling dive sites accessible from shore along the Victorian coast, with maps and charts.


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