Reef Dives

Unique temperate water reefs

Australia is well known for its spectacular tropical coral reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

The reefs of Victoria's southern temperate waters are also truly unique. Victoria's long south-facing coastline means we have a huge temperate (or cold water) marine environment.

The marine life of southern Australia contain a multitude of species found nowhere else on earth. While coral reefs support a huge variety of fish species, it is the temperate southern areas that support a greater diversity of marine life (especially flora and invertebrate fauna).

Artificial Reefs

Many ships have come to grief in Victoria waters, plus there is an extensive Ships' Graveyard in Bass Strait, not far from the entrance to Port Phillip and the Port of Melbourne. These wrecks have all become exciting artificial reefs and home to thousands of marine creatures.

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