VARS Moves Forward With ex HMAS Canberra Project

Friday, 19 October 2007: VARS News Update

19 October 2007: VARS News Update

Key Sub-Committees Established

The newly expanded committee elected at the September Annual General meeting has been active in setting up key sub-committees to tackle the work required in the forthcoming months.

Ship Preparation - Convenor: Jason Salter
Key Tasks — Prepare a plan for diving the wreck. Coordinate with successful tenderer to ensure that ship is correctly prepared to maximise diving enjoyment and safety.

Fund Raising / Membership - Convenor: Warrick McDonald
Key Tasks — Expand VARS membership. Secure funds to enable VARS to continue to operate.

Marketing / Promotion - Convenor: Bryan McGoldrick
Key Tasks — Prepare a marketing plan to successfully market the Canberra as the centrepiece of Victoria - World Class Temperate Water Dive Destination. Liaise with Government and Tourism industry bodies.

Site Management - Convenor: Alan Beckhurst
Key Tasks — Prepare a submission to Government on appropriate site management including access provisions and ongoing monitoring and management.

Tender Process

The tender process is continuing - being managed by the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). It is expected that the successful tenderer will be announced in the next few weeks.

Site Location

VARS continues to lobby Government to ensure that the vessel will be scuttled in the most appropriate location to maximise its value as the centrepiece of Victoria - World Class Temperate Water Dive Destination and to ensure access to a broad range of divers.


Names of potential volunteers continue to be collected. As work progresses these volunteers will be called upon to assist as required.

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