The Australian, 10 October 2009

Diving belle

Diving belle

By James Jeffrey, The Australian

Saturday, 10 October 2009 — After the scuttling of HMAS Canberra outside Victoria's Port Phillip Bay, Geelong Otways Tourism boss Roger Grant prompted a droll little spat by suggesting the new wreck would offer a diving experience superior to the Great Barrier Reef. This prompted much snorting and hooting in Queensland, and a poll in The Cairns Post asking, "Will Geelong's sunken warship be more popular with divers than the Great Barrier Reef?"

By yesterday evening, though, 61 per cent of respondents had voted yes. One of those was cast by Grant himself, who tells Strewth he's been laughing his head off at the result: "Talk about something blowing up in your face." That said, he's happy to play the role of magnanimous victor, decribing the reef as "one of the world's truly iconic diving destinations" and recommending divers visit the reef and the Canberra. Grant assures us he only voted once.

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