Diver Emergency

Don't Panic! Use these Emergency Numbers

If you have a Diver Emergency, please use one of the contact numbers below.

Australia toll free from within Australia:
1800 088 200

Australia from overseas (user pays):
+61 8 8212 9242

In most diving emergencies divers should use these numbers in the first instance. One possible exception is where the caller is dealing with situation that is immediately life threatening, for example, where CPR or EAR is being performed on an injured diver. In this setting it is probably better to call the local emergency (ambulance) services direct (dial 000) to get help as soon as possible.

The above diving hotlines are funded by:
Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific

Emergencies Happen so be prepared with a DAN Membership.
Visit www.danasiapacific.org

VARS recommends every diver, especially those going on dive trips to out of the way or overseas locations, ensure they have adequate dive insurance.

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