Diving the Canberra

Dive the Canberra, plus other dive sites in Victoria, Australia

Weedy seadragon, Victoria, Australia
Weedy Seadragon
© SeaPics, David Bryant

If it's breath-taking marine life you want to encounter, then the place to come to is Victoria, Australia! Historic shipwrecks, stunning wall dives, temperate water reefs, fast drift dives, thriving kelp gardens, crayfish, abalone, scallops, dolphins and seals. It's all here in Victoria. Even in Melbourne, you can see seahorses, seadragons and cuttlefish on our world class local pier dives — easily accessible to everyone!

We have a more colourful and abundant reef ecosystem than that of the world famous Great Barrier Reef. 80% of what you'll see here in Victoria is unique to the region. No wonder scuba diving in Australia began right here in Victoria!

Dive Wrecks

Warships your passion? Sunken warships are not that unique because most are spontaneously placed by an act of war or weather. But in most cases warships are sunk too deep for any diver to visit. That's not the case in Victoria, Australia. We already have warships and submarines, plus numerous other wrecks which were deliberately scuttled in depth accessible to both recreational and technical scuba divers.

So, as magnificent as diving the 138 metres (453 feet) long, 14.3 metres (47 feet) beam, 4,100 tonne (4,519 short tons) displacement ex HMAS Canberra FFG-02 is, there are plenty of other reasons to come and dive in the temperate waters of Victoria, Australia — today!

Underwater photographer at the J4 26m Submarine Conning Tower
J4 26m Submarine Conning Tower
© Mary Malloy & Alan Beckhurst

Submarines your passion? Victoria has an amazing fleet of four World War One 'J' class submarine wreck dive sites which attract divers from around the world.

Artificial reefs your passion? There are numerous other wrecks, some dating back to the 1800's. Plus we have Victoria's Ships' Graveyard, just outside of Port Phillip Bay, in Bass Strait. There are 46 wreck dive sites in this one area and they are all teeming with marine life.

In this section of the ex HMAS Canberra Reef web site, you can also learn about the wreck dives, boat dives and shore dives available in Victoria, Australia. No where else can you find such diving diversity.

Victoria is a world class temperate water scuba diving destination.

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