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Currently, for obvious reasons, NO dive travel agents are offering packages to dive the ex HMAS Canberra Reef. This information is here as an example of the information we eventually expect to be able to provide you with.

If you are a dive travel agent offering complete packages for scuba diving in Victoria, Australia, then please let us know and we'll list your details here for FREE!

If you are looking for the best package deal inclusive of flights, accommodation and scuba diving, we recommend that you contact one of the following dive travel agents. When you contact them, please specify that you would like to go diving in Victoria, Australia.
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Allways Dive Expeditions


Toll Free: 1800 338 239 (within Australia)
International: +61 3 9885 8863

Dive Adventures


Toll Free: 1800 242 724 (within Australia)
International: +61 3 9646 5945

New Zealand

To be announced.

North America

To be announced.

United Kingdom

To be announced.


To be announced.

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